BRP Finland Oy is a snowmobile manufacturer established in 1967, operating under the current name since 2005. The company is part of the international BRP Corporate group.

”Finncont is BRP's long-term subcontractor and partner, manufacturing fuel tanks and storage trunks for our snowmobiles. Our close cooperation of over ten years has developed into a natural, open and efficient partnership. An essential part of BRP's products is their technically and visually functional design for which Finncont Design Studio's expertise has produced special added value.”

Jari Jokelainen
BRP Finland Oy

Ekokem is a leading Finnish provider of waste management services.

”Finncont provides us with IBC containers and plastic products manufactured from our own molds as well as with standard deliveries. Our cooperation has lasted for over 15 years. The products are reliable and cooperation is smooth because Finncont has a competent contact person in each product group. Waste management standards and legislation change at a rapid pace and therefore our supplier must have an understanding and ability to react to these changes well in advance. We have been very happy with our cooperation with Finncont in this respect as well.”

Jyrki Malinen
Ekokem Oy Ab

Kiilto Oy, established in 1919, is a family-owned company which manufactures chemical products. The company's scope of business includes development, production and marketing of adhesives and related products.

”We have been cooperating with Finncont since 1984. Finncont provides us with and maintains our raw material, metal and plastic containers. Cooperation has gone smoothly. Finncont's contact people are competent and a solution has always been found, even in complex situations. Environmental values are important to Kiilto and therefore we have been especially happy with the current rotating container system which has significantly reduced the amount of waste in the supply chain.”

Keijo Salomäki
Kiilto Oy

Konevuori Oy, established in 1989, is an earthworks company operating in southern Finland. The company's line of business includes demanding earth moving projects, machine rental services and aggregate sales.

”Finncont provides us with fuel tanks for fueling our earth moving machines. It's easy to do business through one contact person. Finncont's contact person is not just a salesperson; they follow the industry carefully and are always aware of the newest regulations. The individual service is also an advantage. Finncont, for example, tailors the container lid and lock mechanisms to our needs.”

Jari Kekkonen
Konevuori Oy

Lassila & Tikanoja specialize in environmental management, environmental products and support services for properties and plants. The company is also a leading supplier of wood-based biofuels, recovered fuels and recycled raw materials. L&T operates in Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia.

”Finncont provides Lassila & Tikanoja with composters, underground waste containers, eco toilets, waste and sand containers as well as other similar products. Our cooperation has grown and developed during the past 25 years. Finncont offers us added value, especially as a partner in product development. We work closely together during the entire lifespan of a product to achieve the optimal result.”

Matti Pajunen

The Valspar (Finland) Corporation Oy is part of the American Valspar Corporation which is one the world's leading developers, manufacturers and vendors of coil coating products used for painting steel and aluminum sheets.

”Finncont sells and maintains containers that we use for the transportation of paints. In our line of business safety, reliability and products that meet the standards are of vital importance. The first thing that comes to mind regarding Finncont is their safe and reliable service. The relationship with a customer is valued and communication is active. We are also very happy with the fact that a service concept is always tailored for us if necessary.”

Tuija Porras
The Valspar (Finland) Corporation Oy

Valtra Oy Ab develops, manufactures, markets and sells Valtra tractors. Valtra has manufactured tractors since 1951, but the company's roots date back to 1832.

”Finncont manufactures tractor fuel tanks, air ducts and urea tanks used in modern engines. From our point of view, the cooperation has been very effective. Finncont possesses great expertise in regards to various kinds of manufacturing alternatives and raw materials, at the product development stage that gives us additional benefits and, for example, helps us to find more durable and cost-effective manufacturing processes.”

Ari Janhunen
Valtra Oy Ab