Finncont® WBPE 800

Finncont WBPE 800 is a multipurpose solid waste plastic container for handling, storing and transportation of dangerous goods.

Finncont WBPE 800 is designed, tested and manufactured to meet the UN Approval Type11H2.

WBPE 800 is a safe, reliable and elegant solution for many applications:

* Food industry
* Environmental sector
* Laundry

TypeVolume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Height StackedWeight (kg)Material

  • Raw material polyethylene, which is shock resistant,UV-protected and food industry quality
  • Colour: Red, blue, white, green
  • One-piece and removable cover, with stainless steel latches
  • Smooth, easy to clean interior
  • Strong double shell structure
  • Easy to handle
  • Stackable
  • Handling with forklift or pallet truck from any side

Emptying with swiwel forklift.

Cover fixing with latches.

Smooth, easy to clean interior.

TypeStacking on a at surfaceMax load
WBPE-800FUp to two (1+1)960 kg

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Ekokem is a leading Finnish provider of waste management services.

”Finncont provides us with IBC containers and plastic products manufactured from our own molds as well as with standard deliveries. Our cooperation has lasted for over 15 years. The products are reliable and cooperation is smooth because Finncont has a competent contact person in each product group. Waste management standards and legislation change at a rapid pace and therefore our supplier must have an understanding and ability to react to these changes well in advance. We have been very happy with our cooperation with Finncont in this respect as well.”

Jyrki Malinen
Ekokem Oy Ab

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