Finncont® PF - thermoplastic container

A safe solution for aggressive chemicals

TypeVolume (l)Length L (mm)Width W (mm)Height H (mm)Height when 2 stackedWeight (kg)Material
PF8008001210102511302235137Fe37B 7 PE

  • UN approved, type 31HA1 IBC
  • Vibration and storage testing with the following standard liquids: water, nitrogen and acetic acid
  • Maximum lifespan of 5 years when transporting hazardous liquids
  • Protective cage (Fe37B) powder coated
    - Standard color: blue RAL 5010, other colors also available
  • Standard equipment:
    - Inlet with a screw cap (D=150)
    - EPDM seals/red cap (supplementary equipment: FPM seals/green cap)
    - 2" and 3" connections on top, closed as standard
    - Bottom outlet 2" with a 2" ball valve PVC/EPDM + plug with a string (also other valve and coupling alternatives available)
    - If necessary, bottom outlet can be left unopened
  • Handling with a forklift or pallet truck from below or with lifting slings from above
  • Stackable
TypeStackabilityMax. liquid density
PF800, PF1000Up to 2 (1+1)1,9 kg/dm3

Finncont thermoplastic containers are reliable and secure Finnish products of high quality.

The new PF800 and PF1000 containers have been designed for safe transportation and storage of chemicals. They are suitable for acids, alkalis, corrosive liquids and foodstuff.

When used for storage purposes, a container mixer with an opening blade can be attached to the 2" connection on top.

Top shape and connections

Inlet with a screw cap (D=150)

Safety valve in the 2" connection on top (supplementary)

Beams on long sides for safe lifting and moving with a forklift

Improved lifting holes in the top corners of the cage

2" PVC ball valve outlet + plug with a string (standard)

2" PP ball valve outlet + camlock coupling (male) with a PP cap (supplementary)


Ekokem is a leading Finnish provider of waste management services.

”Finncont provides us with IBC containers and plastic products manufactured from our own molds as well as with standard deliveries. Our cooperation has lasted for over 15 years. The products are reliable and cooperation is smooth because Finncont has a competent contact person in each product group. Waste management standards and legislation change at a rapid pace and therefore our supplier must have an understanding and ability to react to these changes well in advance. We have been very happy with our cooperation with Finncont in this respect as well.”

Jyrki Malinen
Ekokem Oy Ab

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