Finncont® CEI-750

Insulated liquid container for transportation and storage

TypeVolume (l)Length L (mm)Width W (mm)Height H (mm)Weight kg (empty)Material
CEI-75075012208201625175Interior and frame: AISI304
Insulation: Expanded polypropylene (EPP)

  • The food grade container can be emptied completely and is easy to clean
  • The container is insulated throughout, insulated hatches for connections
  • The protective frame ensures safety during transportation and storage
  • Handling possible with a forklift from all four sides
  • Two can be stacked (lifting and stacking fittings)
  • Heating as a supplementary accessory
  • Cold testing by MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Equipment on top surface

  • Manhole with a vent (D=400)
  • Inlet
  • 1" suction/breather connection with valve
  • Level indicator

1" ball valve for emptying at the bottom and a protected space for a hose

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