For Nordic conditions - Diesel-Piggy®

The 100 % plastic tank is a safe alternative to using traditional farm tanks

TypeVolume (l)Length L (mm)Width W (mm)Height H (mm)Weight (kg)Material
Diesel-Piggy®3000229021902235350 kgPolyethene

Diesel-Piggy is a storage tank for diesel and gas oil, made entirely of plastic. The tank's volume is 3000 liters. The corrosion-free material ensures a clean fuel handling process.

  • The inner container is manufactured to comply with the SFS-EN 13341 standard. The product undergoes a structural and serial inspection by an inspection body.
  • The outer shell forms a containment bund as well as weather protection for the tank and fueling equipment. A variety of fueling equipment is located under a lockable lid.
  • The standard color of a Diesel-Piggy is brown, integrally dyed. The inner container is colorless.
  • An empty tank can be moved using the forklift pockets located underneath the structure.

Standard equipment

  • A large manhole (D=400 mm) with all inlets and connections to the tank
  • Filling equipment: 2" valve, camlock coupling (brass) and overfilling protection
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • Breather connection
  • The fuel tank is equipped with a level indicator.

Supplementary accessories:

  • Fuel pump 230 V / 55 liters/min or hand pump Nira 6B
  • Hose (3.7 m) and automatic nozzle
  • Fuel gauge
  • Suction and return connections (burner system)


Konevuori Oy, established in 1989, is an earthworks company operating in southern Finland. The company's line of business includes demanding earth moving projects, machine rental services and aggregate sales.

”Finncont provides us with fuel tanks for fueling our earth moving machines. It's easy to do business through one contact person. Finncont's contact person is not just a salesperson; they follow the industry carefully and are always aware of the newest regulations. The individual service is also an advantage. Finncont, for example, tailors the container lid and lock mechanisms to our needs.”

Jari Kekkonen
Konevuori Oy

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