For Nordic conditions Finncont® DTD fuel tanks

100 % double wall and containment bund

  • 31A/Y/FIN/VTT-171 transportation approval
  • Storage approval by Inspecta
  • Double wall and containment bund to control leaks
TypeVolume (l)Length L (mm)Width W (mm)Height H (mm)Height H1 (mm)Weight (kg) (empty)Material
DTD-9909901440115010601230425Steel S355MC (Fe52 pickled) / coated

Equipment under a lockable lid with gas springs

  • Large maintenance/manhole
  • 2" inlet (camlock coupling) and overfilling protection
  • 1" suction/breather connection with a valve
  • 1" vacuum and pressure relief valve
  • Required transportation markings
  • Accessories available

Supplementary accessories:

  • Suction and return connections, ½" (2+2 pcs) and ¾" (1+1 pcs)
    - For heaters, generators etc.
  • Level indicator, ADR approved
  • Fueling equipment:
    – Hand, electric and battery-powered pumps
    – Hose and nozzle
    – Fuel gauge

Safe lifting and moving with the right equipment

  • Lifting with a forklift from below or with lifting slings or beam from above
  • The tank sizes are optimal for transportation pallets
  • Two tanks can be stacked on top of each other


Konevuori Oy, established in 1989, is an earthworks company operating in southern Finland. The company's line of business includes demanding earth moving projects, machine rental services and aggregate sales.

”Finncont provides us with fuel tanks for fueling our earth moving machines. It's easy to do business through one contact person. Finncont's contact person is not just a salesperson; they follow the industry carefully and are always aware of the newest regulations. The individual service is also an advantage. Finncont, for example, tailors the container lid and lock mechanisms to our needs.”

Jari Kekkonen
Konevuori Oy

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