Tailored ActiveContainer


Added value for our customers

The Finncont active containers can solve even the most challenging problems related to production processes, transportation and storage. The innovative and flexible cooling, heating and mixing functions can be tailored to the needs of each customer. The versatile mixing functions of our active containers are also suitable for substances with a higher level of viscosity. The mixer is easy to clean because it can be lifted up from the container. Heating and cooling is distributed evenly throughout the inner surface, even at temperatures of over 100°C. The active containers bring added value that can be seen in the competitiveness of our customers’ products as well as in the efficiency of their production activities.


Innovative design

RecondOil AB values the fact that Finncont’s IBCs are flexible and cost-effective and can be modularly included in the production process. The most important properties are the innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Our collaboration with Finncont is excellent.

Thomas Persson, Process Specialist,
RecondOil AB, Sweden

Top efficiency and quality

We work hard to ensure that our productivity reaches a top level. Therefore, our standards are high. Normal containers are not efficient enough for us. Finncont’s IBCs have proved to be very cost-effective and the delivery times meet our needs. We trust the Finnish expertise.

Riho Sõber, Production Director,
Liviko, Estonia

Sales and information

Sales Office in Gothenburg

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