Periodic maintenance and spare parts

Finncont's efficient spare part, maintenance and modernization service is always ready to help you. We also carry out periodic maintenance and intermediate inspections to make sure our products comply with the regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous goods.

Maintenance order

Substance to be transported/stored

UN number

Container's serial number

Container's manufacturing year

Container's volume

Date of the previous inspection


Container's arrival date at Finncont

Contact person and details

Invoicing and delivery address of customer

NOTE: The interior of the returned container must be empty. Both the exterior and interior must be clean (washed) so that it doesn't endanger the maintenance workers during part changes, possible welding activities, tightness inspection or other procedures.

Contact for more information

Juha Eloranta
tel. +358 3 485 4218,
+358 44 578 4140

Päivi Hakala
tel. +358 3 485 4250