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Tailored solutions using metal and plastic

Finncont Design Studio® offers its customers top expertise in product development with 35 years of experience. We produce metal and plastic solutions tailored to the customers' needs. We develop, plan and produce unique and cost-effective product solutions with an optimized structure as well as tools required to manufacture them. Challenge us and tell us how we can help you.

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BRP Finland Oy is a snowmobile manufacturer established in 1967, operating under the current name since 2005. The company is part of the international BRP Corporate group.

”Finncont is BRP's long-term subcontractor and partner, manufacturing fuel tanks and storage trunks for our snowmobiles. Our close cooperation of over ten years has developed into a natural, open and efficient partnership. An essential part of BRP's products is their technically and visually functional design for which Finncont Design Studio's expertise has produced special added value.”

Jari Jokelainen
BRP Finland Oy

Lassila & Tikanoja specialize in environmental management, environmental products and support services for properties and plants. The company is also a leading supplier of wood-based biofuels, recovered fuels and recycled raw materials. L&T operates in Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia.

”Finncont provides Lassila & Tikanoja with composters, underground waste containers, eco toilets, waste and sand containers as well as other similar products. Our cooperation has grown and developed during the past 25 years. Finncont offers us added value, especially as a partner in product development. We work closely together during the entire lifespan of a product to achieve the optimal result.”

Matti Pajunen

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